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Financial Consultancy and Audit Services

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Supports your strengths and weaknesses through external monitoring


Within the scope of support programs carried out by TÜBİTAK - TEYDEB, we can connect to the report by conducting audit processes for the “financial consultancy project expenditure assessment report”. Agency financial support programs can be found as independent evaluator in applications and processes. We contribute to the financial analysis reports needed in order to meet company requirements. We aim to provide more useful information to financial statements users by bringing the reports prepared under the international financial reporting standards in accordance with the legislation.


We are willing to supervise accounting practices that support general administrative activity and protect general financial health. We are preparing to assess the appropriateness of digital and legal legislation, the design of pre-independent control processes, the appropriateness of the physical and legal legislation of applicants.

Tax, Finance, Credit & Asset

Need tax planning? What are the risks of getting a VAT refund? With financial planning, we develop strategies to help you achieve your goals and more.

Financial Data Analytics

With statistical, econometric methods, we can examine your data to better recognize events affecting your financial situation. With data recognition, processing and visualization capabilities, we can follow your projects remotely and reach qualitative and quantitative findings about your projects. We can investigate the existence of predictive possibilities for future situations of your time-related events. With operations research, we can test the replacement of your decisions with a small number of variables.

• Data entry, retrieval and management
• Report and graphic design
• Statistical and mathematical analysis
• Business planning, forecasting and decision support
• Project support as part of financial services consultancy, including (but not limited to) asset liability management, market risk and quantitative financial modelling
• Coding, testing, implementation, model development and validation based on large datasets with mostly quantitative and qualitative features
• Provide necessary documents/presentations related to ongoing projects or R&D activities
• Provide coordination support between business and IT teams/external vendors for software applications and support
• Define and monitor project progress, solve problems and take corrective actions,
• Economic analysis, forecasting, economic and financial modeling, time series analysis, financial reporting and processing of time series data, research design and data collection